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The only step by step program to build an online course & make $10,000 per month in 90 days


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Quit your 9-5 & work less, live more - from anywhere


What if you could quit your 9-5 and make $10,000 per month while working 15 hours per week from your laptop?!

It’s time to quit the rat race, and build an online course that will sell like crazy even if you don’t have a niche yet, no audience to sell it to, and no experience in Marketing & Sales!

What 6-Figure Online Course    is all about...

Get the secret to building passive income in 2023 that Marketers don’t want you to know

Learn our quickest and simplest strategy to make money online without ever having to do cold outreach or spend money on ads

Make sales passively, while traveling the world, at the spa, or having dinner with friends 

Quit your unfulfilling job, own your day & 3x your income 

Build a 6-figure business while working 15 hours per week, and you'll finally own your day

Get real freedom, work from anywhere in the world while making an impact 







6-Figure Online Course™ is a 12-week online course for anyone wanting to quit their 9-5, make money online, own their day, and live from anywhere. We’re going to help you build your online course and sell it passively through Instagram or any other social media platform.


What you can expect to get by the end of the program:

Have a clear niche and course topic  that you know is profitable

Have an irresistible offer , at the right price that you know how to communicate clearly and that sells itself (you won’t have to worry about the competition ever again)

Have a high quality & premium online course  built from scratch that people will rave about (we’ll show you how to get them real results for more sales & word of mouth)

Know how to use the best platform to put your online course and handle your community for always more results (no need to be tech-savvy)

Generate leads weekly  through social media content creation - you’ll know how to stand out, and be the go-to person in your niche (you’ll know how to create an entire month of content in 2 days)

Have an entire sales funnel  built from scratch that makes sales on automation. 

Know how to handle objections  like a pro

You’ll have the exact step-by-step strategy  to build an online course from scratch, and sell it passively through a high-converting sales funnel without having to do paid ads or spend thousands on overcomplicated tools

You’ll have a Masterclass that converts leads for you, a well-crafted psychology-based sales page, and an email sequence that will convert even the more hesitant leads (we’re going to optimise the sales)

niche and course topic

irresistible offer
high quality & premium online course
best platform
Generate leads weekly
sales funnel
handle objections
exact step-by-step strategy

Char made her first 10K month, days after launching her first online course!

Meet some of our successful clients

Mandy quit her corporate job

Astrid's business now runs ITSELF

We hated our corporate jobs, working 40+ hours a week making someone else rich…

“Get a good job, work 40+ hours a week, spend wisely, save every month, don’t go on holidays, and slowly you’ll climb the ladder, get promotions, and when you retire, you’ll be rich (& old) and be able to own your day…”

You decided that you’re ready to change your life. Most people get stuck in mediocrity because they don’t believe there’s a better way to live their life. They believe success is luck or exceptional opportunities. 

The great news is that you’re here reading this, which already places you in the top 5%

It’s time to change the narrative…
Life is happening now. Stop wasting it, start owning it.

But not you…

This is the worst manipulation that we’ve been taught to believe…

That we have to work ourselves into the ground in our young years so that we can retire when we’re old. They have created the perfect system to use up our lives and then give us a treat when it’s over.

We watch our lives slip away but we’re told that it’s ok because you worked your way up at a company and got your annual 3% raise… That money will be so amazing when you’ll be too old to use it, right?!

In other words: trade your freedom young, to get your freedom old.

You know there's more to life.

That you don’t need to get a degree and climb the corporate ladder to make money. Quite the opposite! There’s a much better way to get what you want that doesn’t require to say goodbye to your freedom...

You can make 3x your current income while helping others & finally control your life and own your day.

The great news is that you’re here reading this, which already places you in the top 5%

Are you ready to build your own online course that will give you the income and freedom that you’ve been looking for?

Because we're ready to show you how...

We went from 0 to making 3x what our bosses make in a year, in just A MONTH.

This is the single most powerful, most effective, and most profit-generating formula to success. And we give it to you in a complete step-by-step guide inside 6-Figure Online Course™.

This formula is so powerful that it will take you from 0 to 6 figures whatever your niche and your “business skills” level.

We cracked the code of making the most money online while working the least

6-Figure Online Course™ isn’t here to help you ‘think positively’ or ‘trade your free time to spend hours doing cold calls and cold emails’. 

Our Strategies are not ‘hacks’ you can find for free on Reels and TikTok, they’re not fluff. They’re based on Marketing & Psychology Strategies - we understand human behavior. 

We came up with proven & tested formula that you can plug & play and start seeing results right away.

With 6-Figure Online Course™ , you’re going to take the quickest and easiest route to make 6 figures and start owning your day, whatever your niche, whatever your Marketing skills, and whether you have an audience or not. 

6-Figure Online Course    is unlike anything out there...


Ginny & Laura

Together we accumulate over 10 years of experience in Marketing, and helped more than 800 people
quit their 9-5 by making money online.

Hi, we're Laura Haleydt & Ginny Fears!

800 people

10 years

Here's what you get with 6-Figure Online Course

A step-by-step guide to building an online course that people will rave about and sells like crazy

Our 3 step strategy to pick your niche and course topic to stand out and make sure you’ll be profitable 

Our Mindset Mastery Exposed so you show up with confidence 

Our secret Market Research method to start making sales within 3 days 

Learn our way to get highly qualified leads daily without having to do cold outreach or spend money on ads (and without spending hours creating content)

Our 4-step sales funnel strategy to make sales passively, even when you sleep! 

Craft an irresistible sales page and offer that people won’t be able to say no to 


What's included in 6-Figure Online Course

Weekly videos with proven strategies:

Everything you need to implement:

Once you join 6-Figure Online Course™ you’ll get immediate and lifetime access to all course content including the following:


Plug & Play formulas:

Real-life examples: 

Exclusive community:


Valued at $5,000

Valued at $1,000

Valued at $100

Valued at $5,000

Valued at $2,000

Valued at $3,000

Make over $30,000 in a single day on Instagram (including our step by step campaign). Launch a $450,000 product (including the exact emails & sales page).

Workbooks to help you apply everything and see results instantly! You won't need a VA to start building your passive income machine, we did all the work for you already.

Checklists to make it easy to follow along and track your progress. We help you stay on track!

Follow the unique "playbooks" with done-for-you templates, word-for-word scripts, hands-on tactics & deep customer psychology insights to save tons of time when picking a niche, creating content, your sales page or masterclass.

We don't just throw knowledge at you, we help you implement it for your own business by showing you tons of concrete examples and behind the scenes case studies. You get instant access to what's working now!

Premium access to our 6-Figure Online Course™ community to network, get feedback and ask questions to other course creators (limited spots to keep the community at the highest level!)

Enroll now

Get Personalised feedback from Ginny & Laura for 3 months!

We will coach you with bi-weekly calls and direct access to us through our private chat to ask your questions, get feedback so you make sure you’re on track and get massive results!

We have stopped coaching years ago so this is a huge opportunity that won’t come twice as we are offering it as bonus for this launch only!

VALUED AT: $7,500

Laura now consistently makes over $10,000 a month

See for yourself the kind of results our strategies bring...

Kaitlin's dream came true, she never has to go back to a 9-5

Faduma made $8,000 in one month

Bonus 1

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Charley Surridge

Overcome your Imposter Syndrome by elaborating your own emotional toolbox so you know you have the confidence and self-belief needed to achieve big results.

Charley is an expert Confidence Coach helping soulful high-achieving creatives transform imposter syndrome and self doubt, so they can grow and hold their next level in business with ease, flow and motivation. 


Bonus 2

Time Management with Monique Basil-Wright

Learn how to juggle your 9-5 while building your online course and going through 6-Figure Online Course - we’re going to make it seem like a breeze! Monique will show you how to break down the overwhelm, and manage your time, energy and priorities to gain clarity on running your day-to-day lives while achieving your goals. 

Monique has over 8 years experience in the online business space, creating flexibility and freedom within a structure that suits your lifestyle and goals.

Bonus 3

Money Mindset with Dounia Lkoundi

Discover your money archetype and get personalized guidance to understand your unique relationship with money and how to create financial abundance! Dounia will give you actionable insights into unlocking your fabulous financial future.

Dounia is an advanced mindset coach for female leaders, helping them overcome inherited limiting beliefs and patterns, to embrace self-worth, abundance, and fearlessness. She is a Certified Quantum Success Law of Attraction Life Coach, Certified Moneybreakthrough Coach and Certified Sacred Money Archetype Coach that has led more than 150 breakthroughs.



Bonus 4

Organize your Finances with Elisabeth Lee

Build a business that’s profitable from day one by gaining financial clarity with a proven organization system. After following this bonus video lesson, you will no longer have to feel stressed or anxious about your bookkeeping ;)

Elisabeth Lee has a Bachelor in accounting, experience at a Big 4 accounting firm, QuickBooks Pro Advisor and Certified Profit First Professional and has been working with small businesses for over 5 years.



6-Figure Online Course


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Who’s right for 6-Figure Online Course   ?

Anyone who wants to quit their 9-5 and make money online by selling their knowledge passively through an online course.

You don’t have to be an expert at something, we are all knowledgeable in something, and we will help you figure this out.

You don’t have to have an audience on Social Media, we will help you with that.

You don’t have to have picked your course topic yet or your niche,
we will help you with that.

You don’t have to be knowledgeable in Marketing, Graphic Design, Tech, or Sales - we got your covered.

You DO need to be highly motivated with a strong desire to make this work.